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Modern Korean comfort food with fusion twists on select American classics

The Angry Korean –

South Jordan – Korean – $$ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O. - Pro Sifter & PhotographerSep 25, 2019

Overall 3.9 / 5.0










Starting as a food truck in Salt Lake City, The Angry Korean brings some much-needed diversity to Daybreak’s District in South Jordan, predominantly dominated by chains. Opening early 2019, one owner is from Korea (Young-Ho Kang) and the other from New York (Peter Kim), both with strong culinary backgrounds. Expect Korean twists on classics like the Philly cheesesteak and tacos. They also serve rice bowls, salads, and some Korean barbecue favorites like steamed pork buns or short ribs.


The entrees range from $10 to $20 based on if you attend at lunch or dinner time. We’ve been during both and the portions are the same, despite the time of day. Portion sizes are large, even for the biggest appetites, and both times I’ve attended my party left with boxes.

Most popular dishes:

Korean cheesesteak, beef Bulgogi Tacos, and garlic ginger chicken bowl.

What I ordered:

Steamed pork buns, Korean cheesesteak, beef Bulgogi Tacos, garlic ginger chicken bowl, salad, and Mandoo dumplings.

Food quality:

Steamed braised pork buns

The pork belly was juicy, tender, and seasoned well. The barbeque sauce had a strong soy flavor, but the sweetness of the sauce provided balance. A hint of ginger and other Korean spices made it unique. The bun was chewy yet light. The pickles tasted of kimchi and brought the whole package together, creating a great dish!

Garlic ginger chicken salad/bowl

The chicken was more sweet than savory with strong garlic and mild ginger flavor. The sesame dressing was slightly sweet and creamy. There was a bad topping to lettuce ratio. I recommend opting for the bowl instead. The bowl will still give you some greens but also some extra, much-needed toppings.

Bulgogi Tacos

The beef bulgogi was the star of this dish. Very tender, sweet, great seasoning, and the Korean spices provided a nice contrast in flavors. Now to the taco as a package deal. There was too much cheese in the taco. It muted the flavors of the bulgogi, which I wanted to taste. My advice, lose the cheese! Angry Korean also used poor, supermarket quality tortillas. At around $13 for two tacos, I expect more. They also forgot to add the Korean pickles. Kimchi would compliment the flavors as well. The avocado cilantro aioli was bland and hard to pick out. Overall, poor execution.

The tacos also came with japchae noodles. They are had a strong smoky flavor, mixed with teriyaki. 


The dumplings were crispy and freshly made. The vegetable option had a strong onion flavor mixed with cabbage, carrots, and other veggies. The meat version featured steamed sausage and cabbage. It packed some spice and was saltier than the vegetable mandoo, but not too so.


As mentioned earlier, the bulgogi at Angry Korean is spot on. Very tender and more sweet than savory. This sandwich also added white mushrooms, white wine, caramelized onions, and melted cheese to the mix creating the perfect contrast of flavors and texture. The bun was a standard hoagie roll. Light and spongy. The cheesesteak is served with potato wedges, which felt like a weird addition. I expected Korean spiked ketchup or Asian dry rub on the fries to complete the Asian fusion. When dining in, there are Korean sauces sitting on the table. Grab the orange one and use it as fry sauce instead of the ketchup for a more Asian flair.

Dietary Needs:

It was very unclear to me if they are able to accommodate individuals with any type of allergy or dietary need. The waitresses weren’t educated on the topic. While they have some entrees that I would assume are gluten-free, nut-free, and dairy-free entrees, I would be very cautious of cross-contamination. Talk to the kitchen before eating anything that would put you at risk.


I expected to go up to a counter to order with the look and feel of the restaurant. A little dark. Drapes we’re closed despite the building being shaded. Would have liked some Korean music playing in the background to help enhance the mood of the restaurant.


Our waitress Percilla was very friendly and attended quickly to our every need. The appetizer was delivered within 5 minutes, the main entrees within 10 minutes, and she regularly refilled our beverages during the dinner hours. However, on the second go, our new waitress struggled. She spoke pore English and barely was able to take our order. It also took around 20 to 30 minutes to receive our food when we were the only ones there for lunch. I recommend going in the evening for a better experience.

What I liked most:

The Korean cheesesteak. It was an excellent contrast of flavors and textures and took something delicious and made it unique and exciting.

What I disliked most:

The mood of the restaurant is a bit dull. It’s modern and clean but could use brighter decor and music. In my opinion, the ambiance should be as bold as their food.

The verdict:

I’ll keep coming back for the Korean Cheesesteak. So good!

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