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Overall 4.4 / 5.0

Award-winning Neapolitan-certified pizzeria

Antica Forma –

Moab, UT – $$ – Pizza, Italian – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O.Pro Sifter & Photographer - Published March 10, 2020


Most restaurants in Moab are average at best. I wasn’t expecting to find one of the best Neapolitan pizzas in the world hiding in this small adventure town. You heard me right, THE WORLD! Not just Utah. I’ve enjoyed pizza from San Francisco, New York and Rome. This rivals anything! Did I mention that their head chef, Israel Hernandez, is from the big apple itself and was crowned the third best Pizzaiolo in the world at the prestigious Caputo Cup Pizza Competition?

If you’re reading this and still have doubt, don’t take my word for it. Head to Moab or Vernal to give it a try. Not only do they make their dough from scratch, but they make their sauces, mozzarella cheese, and several toppings in house too, all cooked in a Neapolitan certified oven from Italy. I’m salivating just reminiscing about my meal. It’s the only restaurant, to date, that I confidently rate a solid “5” for their pizza! Well done Antica Forma!









The Food

Most Popular
Meat Lovers Pizza, Pistachio Pizza, Bruschetta

These guys are serious about pizza! Their Neapolitan certification is a testament to that. First, they start with a $30,000 Pavesi wood fire oven, imported from Italy. Next, they make their dough from scratch using Caputo flour. It’s followed by making their marinara from imported Italian Ciao or San Marzano tomatoes. Lastly, they load their pies with a heaping of fresh, house-made mozzarella and toppings. Did I mention that they make their own sausage too?

Standard gluten crust
The smoke from apple wood and cherry wood give the crust a unique profile. It’s cooked in a rotating oven that evenly heats the dough and prevents over charring. The crust has a nice crunch, is chewy, with a great bounce back. It bends well and holds under pressure. On the bottom, my crust was also browned to perfection!

Gluten-free crust
The gluten-free crust is out of this world! The best I’ve ever had! It is crisp on the bottom but true to Neapolitan it has some bend and a puffy edge. My wife has foregone pizza, since going gluten-free for health reasons. This pizza made her feel like she’s not missing out.

The sauce
Antica Forma’s marinara is made from scratch, using imported Italian Ciao or San Marzano tomatoes. It’s fresh and light, with noticeable chunks of ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes used are at peak ripeness giving it a slight sweetness.

The cheese
Their house-made mozzarella is savory and melts to form the perfect chewy texture. Many pizzerias are stingy when it comes to cheese, but Antica Forma piles it on. Be prepared!

The toppings
Antics Forma loads their pizza with premium meats and other toppings, many of which are made in-house. They have classic options as well as unique options for more of an experience.

Margherita pizza
In an effort to taste the main elements I went for the Margherita. The homemade mozzarella is obviously fresh and chewy. The sauce was simple but delicious and not overpowering. Cooked basil added depth and earthiness to the other ingredients.

Pistachio Pizza
This is arguably the best pie that I’ve had anywhere in the world! The sauce is similar to a pesto but made with pistachios instead of pine nuts. It has an oil base with plentiful fresh herbs and seasoning. You’ll notice a subtle sweetness from the pistachios and fresh basil, but otherwise, this pizza is all savory! The homemade sausage is moist, falls apart easily, and full of flavor!

Signature Antica Forma Pizza
This pizza is evenly balanced between sweet and savory. Marinara acts as the base, followed by a layer of Balsamic caramelized onions and fresh mozzarella. The onions are acidic and sweet. Prosciutto is added after the pizza comes out of the oven. (Note: We ordered this half with no cheese.)

Salad primavera
I found the sauce acidic. It’s creamy with a tomato base, vinegar, and Italian seasoning. The house-roasted pecans are sweet and candied. Grated Romano cheese adds a hint of saltiness. The contrasting flavors meshed well. My only qualm, the spring mixed greens were a bit wilted.


For some, it may seem overpriced, but you pay for quality. Their pies range from $10 to $26. In my opinion, this is a bargain considering all of their fresh and imported Italian ingredients. Not to mention, they make nearly everything from scratch too!

Dietary Needs

This restaurant offers gluten-free crust but cooks all of their pizzas in a single oven, so cross-contamination is likely. They also offer some vegetarian options.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.


We dined at lunch during Moab’s early March shoulder season. Our waiter was very friendly and attentive. We received our orders within 10 to 15 minutes. Since there is only one oven, on a busy night I would expect much slower service. My advice, order an appetizer if you come for dinner and come early to beat the lines!


If you judge this restaurant on curb appeal alone, you’d think it was a dive! Inside you’ll find exposed wood beam ceilings, granite tables, and a tasteful charm. Most tables offer a view of their open kitchen and pizza oven. You can watch cooks form the dough and cook your meal. The whole experience is very inviting and relaxing. This is a great place to go on a date or to bring the family!

Our Verdict

Hands down, this is our new favorite Utah pizza spot! All the ingredients are high quality and you get a good serving of them. It’s what pizza connoisseurs dream of.

What we liked best
The quality of their pizza along with their plentiful fresh cheese and toppings! The crust was also cooked to perfection!

What we disliked most
Not much to dislike except having to drive 3 hours for inevitable future cravings.

Price tag range icon
Price Per Person $10 to $26

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