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The low-key traditional donut shop of Salt Lake City

Fresh Donut & Deli-

Salt Lake City, UT – Donuts, Bakeries – $ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Benjamin from Donut CriticPro Sifter & Influencer - Published Jan 2, 2019

Overall 4.0 / 5.0










Fresh Donut & Deli isn’t flashy, nor does it have the flair of specialty donut shops. However, I bet you’ll love what you get! Their donuts are the traditional type but on the oily side. Let them breathe a bit throughout the day, then the dough and topping flavors will start to shine.


The value you receive is tops for Fresh Donut & Deli. There aren’t many delicious treat options that are $1. The donuts aren’t known for a large size, but they aren’t in the mini donut range. In an era of specialty donuts that are $3 or $4, you’ll be pleased to get a dozen under $20.

Most popular dishes

One of my favorite donuts in Utah is the white cake with vanilla icing and peanuts from Fresh Donut & Deli. I’m not the only one who says their cake donuts are some of the best. Other than their cake donuts, most people rave about their raised glazed, raised blueberry, raised maple, and their fritters. Tried all those? Go for their donut holes.

What I ordered

  • White cake, vanilla icing, peanuts
  • Apple fritter
  • Plain raised glazed
  • Blueberry raised
  • Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, sprinkles
  • Maple raised

Food quality

Fresh Donut & Deli consistently delivers a quality donut. It is a family-run establishment, and they care about their product. I rarely have had instances of poor quality or heard other customers report issues. The base dough really stands out, which I think sometimes highlights that the icing flavor could use a boost. As for the types of donuts I’ve tried, here is a rundown of some characteristics you can expect:

Cake Donuts

These are some of my favorite cake donuts of all time. The cake is light with a crispy exterior. The flavor of the cake is subtle and doesn’t compete with the icing or toppings. The ratios of cake to toppings are also perfectly balanced.

Raised Donuts

There is a delightfully thin shell on the outside of the raised donuts. This shell protects and maintains the shape of the donut, even though the interior is a super soft dough. When warm, this dough can seem doughy because it is so light. I recommend letting the raised cool a bit, allowing some of the oil to escape. These also pass the 2-day test. I choose Donut & Deli if I need donuts the next day and am unable to visit a trusted shop. 


The fritter is a bit darker and a bit more dense than I like. The flavor is fitting, and the apple bits keep the interior moist. If crispy and dense is what you are looking for, then I would recommend the fritter. 


The turnovers have a flaky dough that works well with the filling. I wish the sauce were a fresher fruit option instead of sugary preserves. Overall, it works.

*Dietary Needs

There isn’t much catering to dietary needs. No dairy-free, gluten-free, or vegan options here. Concerning nut allergies, Fresh Donut & Deli uses palm oil instead of peanut oil, but there are still instances of cross-contamination with several of their donuts being topped with peanuts.


You will feel like you’re stepping into a locals-only shop. This shop provides a quick in and out experience. There are only a few seating options, which aren’t great. You’ll find a line of people hovering over you while you eat. The colors, tables, chairs, and general decor are older, but that is part of the charm.


The owners are super friendly but not much for words. They will efficiently get you what you need, but don’t expect a bunch of chit chat. As for lines, they are generally manageable throughout the day except for mid-morning. If you miss the morning rush, then you won’t wait longer than a few people in front of you.

What I liked most

First of all, the donuts stand out. I always walk away satisfied with a delicious donut at a reasonable price. Secondly, I love the low-key vibe. It feels like you’re stepping back in time.

What I disliked most

There’s no getting around that they make an oily donut. Most people that are critical of Fresh Donut & Deli note the amount of oil is a little too much for them. However, you can remedy this by allowing the donuts to sit and cool. I also wish that they would release more seasonal donuts. New flavors would go great with their base dough.

The verdict

Fresh Donut & Deli serves one of my favorite traditional donuts. I recommend it to people all the time! Even though it’s a classic, most haven’t ventured into this small shop. I will continue to visit Fresh Donut & Deli when I am in the South Salt Lake area.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.

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