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Freshies focuses their menu on the star, lobster flown in daily from Maine.

Freshie’s Lobster Co. –

Salt Lake City, UT – Seafood – $$ – Fast Casual
Sifter Critique

Nicole O. - Pro Sifter & PhotographerJuly 15, 2019

Overall 4.6 / 5.0










What used to be a dish only experienced in the salty air along the rocky shores of New England can now be experienced in the 9th and 9th Business District in Salt Lake. Freshies Lobster Co. started selling Lobster rolls at the Park City Market. As demand grew, they added a food truck, then a restaurant in Park City. Now you can even grab a roll in Salt Lake City or Jackson Hole, WY. This laidback atmosphere and food envelop you in the quaintness that is Maine!


Factoring in the shipping of the lobster, their rolls are definitely a good value! Maine lobster shacks charge market price but a roll at one of the most popular spots will cost you around $12 to $26. I haven’t eaten a lobster roll in Maine since 2010, but the meat at Freshies is just that, fresh! Ocean to table, this lobster is no older than 24 hours.

Most popular dishes

Mainah lobster roll, lobster Mac, and lobster lettuce cups.

What I ordered

Mainah and low tide salad.

Food quality

The New England hot dog bun was the perfect vessel for the 3.7 ounces of lobster. Light, warm, and moist. The lobster comes tossed in the perfect amount of mayo and butter. Then it’s lightly seasoned with fresh herbs (chives, thyme, and oregano). Expect large pieces of claws and tail. I would have preferred it cut into smaller pieces, but everything was otherwise fantastic! Great balance of textures and flavors!

Low Tide
The salad was a bit bland making the lobster the highlighted flavor. It had a decent amount of lobster (I believe more than the roll) but nothing else substantial so I would suggest getting a side of fries to go with it.


It has a nice modern nautical theme. The porch is lined with boat buoys against the railing and their interior and exterior simulate bleached beach wood. The indoor/outdoor eating areas are spacious with ambient light. We came around 7 on a Saturday. It wasn’t very busy and seemed calm despite the other people there.


The person taking orders seemed a bit overwhelmed and possibly the only one working considering he had to take a door dash order while we were ordering.

What I liked most

The freshness of the lobster and the price. Every bit as fresh as what I’ve had in Maine.

What I disliked most

The lack of substance in the salad.

The verdict

$21 seems like a lot for one roll. But remember, lobster is a celebratory food. To get an award-winning, fresh, and traditional roll in a landlocked state like Utah is a dream. Thank you Freshies for making it a reality!

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