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Overall 4.5 / 5.0

Upscale food hall with eight restaurants and over fifty menu items

Hall Pass –

Salt Lake City, UT – $ to $$ – Food Hall, Multiple Cuisines – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O.Pro Sifter & Photographer - Published Feb 17, 2019


Hall Pass is Salt Lake’s first attempt at the food hall scene. Unlike fast-food courts, food halls focus more on high quality rather than low price. Hall Pass is no exception! Each of their eight restaurants, totaling fifty-plus menu items, features made-from-scratch dishes. Hall Pass has worked to create a restaurant where all palates are pleased. From rich, brothy ramen to burgers, fresh seafood, and even a hidden Zoltar Speakeasy, there are endless options.









The Food

Most Popular
Blaze of Thunder Sandwich, Lobster Roll, and Cherry Popper Burger

We tried the Skinny Fats, Blaze of Thunder, Raining Ramen, Cod Speed (fresh fish), Colossal Lobster, and Waffadopolis (waffles and crepes) outlets. In our opinion, the seafood and ramen restaurants are the best amongst their food hall. We’ll highlight what we liked and didn’t like from each space.

Colossal Lobster: Connecticut Roll
Meet the Connecticut roll, the crowning jewel of Colossal Lobster. Hall Pass flies in the lobster daily from back East. Next, chefs sauté the lobster in garlic butter and finish it with fresh herbs. Then they pile 3 to 4 ounces of meat into a crispy buttery roll. The roll is light, buttery, and toasted. It’s as good or better than anything I’ve had from the coast. Not to mention, it’s only $15. If you like Freshies, then you’ll love this.

Raining Ramen: Tonkatsu
I’m surprised how good this ramen is. With the exception of their noodles, Raining Ramen makes everything from scratch. The pork bone broth is both deep and rich. Juicy, tender Chasu pork belly has that melty fat. The kombu adds a nice crunch and umami profile. Bamboo shoots introduce a touch of sweetness. The Shoyo Tare soy sauce provides the savory element. Diced scallions bring contrasting color. Packaged together, the bowl is rich and flavorful.

Blaze of Thunder: Chicken Sandwich
Following the trend of fried chicken, Blaze of Thunder brings another hot-fried sandwich. I would have liked the patty to be thicker to prevent dryness. They make the patty with all white breast meat instead of thigh meat. It’s around half-an-inch thick. Near the center was juicy, but the outer edges were dry. I found the breading to be light but overcooked on the ends. The sandwich comes standard with “mild” Nashville dry rub that resembled medium heat. It has a strong chili flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness. You can request it plain or if you dare, go up to scorpion pepper hot.  That’s 1.4 million on the Scoville scale! I found the coleslaw to be sweet, crisp, and creamy. The house pickles were tangy and sweet. They added a nice crunch and prevent the bottom of the brioche bun from getting soggy.

Codspeed: Halibut, Scallops, and Shrimp
Hall Pass puts a focus on dock to table, fresh seafood that changes daily based on availability. For the price, this seafood was mind-blowingly good! I don’t know where else I can get fresh Alaskan Halibut or scallops for under $15 in Utah. My fish was a little overcooked but still great! Based on preference, most menu items come fried or grilled. Then choose between garlic butter, blackened seasoning, lemon caper, or other sauces.

Skinny Fats: Healthy Menu Items
On the calorie-conscious side, we tried the most popular items. This included the CauliFire, Smoke in a Bowl, Naked Chix bowl, and fresh-pressed juices. We can’t say that anything was above average or memorable. The buffalo sauce on the cauliflower didn’t impress. The two bowls lacked vegetables, which represent the healthy part of a bowl. The chicken was moist, but the sauces were too heavy. I found the juices refreshing but bottled they didn’t taste as fresh.

Skinny Fats: Cherry Popper Burger
I went with the most popular burger, the Cherry Popper. Aside from it being a tad greasy and having an odd combination of toppings, this was a fun sandwich! My meat was juicy, and the bun was firm yet light. The burger features coleslaw, an over-hard egg, cherry peppers, banana peppers, and jalapeño peppers. These toppings contrasted to create a sweet and acidic flavor profile. It also packs medium heat!

Skinny Fats: Chix on Broadway
My waiter raved about this sandwich, so I went for it. Unlike Blaze of Thunder, my fried chicken was burnt, dry, and stringy. It wasn’t worth finishing. Perhaps I ordered it on a bad night.

Waffadopolis: Hammy Down (Savory Crepe)
The staff advised us that the Hammy Down is one of Waffadopolis’ most popular savory crepes. Nevertheless, this was our least favorite dish of our Hall Pass experience. Our crepe was thin but unevenly cooked. The deli turkey meat, Havarti, Granny Smith apples, and sweet crepe batter flavors didn’t mesh well. I prefer saltier batter with savory crepes. I also wanted to taste the herb aioli.

Waffadopolis: Cinnutella Waffle
Sweeter than Belgium waffles, Liège waffles mix clusters of caramelized pearl sugar into the dough. I found the Waffadopolis version to be denser than most. The Nutella masked the orange syrup and fresh berry flavors. The worker had a hard time deviating from the menu.  We asked him to leave off the chocolate but he seemed flustered and ended up putting it on.


Gourmet Liege waffles start at $7 and are the cheapest item on the menu. The most expensive items are fresh halibut or a lobster roll that run $14 to $15. Most drinks run from $6 to $20 for cocktails, beer, and liquors.

Dietary Needs

Skinny Fat’s menu display what dishes are vegan, vegetarian, gluten-sensitive, or hot. The other outlets don’t highlight dietary needs. There are over fifty-plus menu items across eight restaurants. Walk around and you’ll likely find something that will work for you. Just be sure to ask the restaurants before eating.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.


Except for Waffadopolis, the service was great! I liked that they hand out food buzzers for each restaurant name. That made it easy to know when and where my food was ready. Most of the restaurants also prepared the food within 10 to 15 minutes.

Waffadopolis, on the other hand, had bad service. The high school workers didn’t communicate well or address our needs. They mixed up our order and took nearly 40 minutes to prepare our small order. It may be because they’re new, but I expect more given the service of the other Hall Pass outlets.


This is one of the most beautiful restaurants I’ve seen in Utah. From their large winding acacia wood tables to the themed restaurants, fireplaces, and colorful murals, you’ll leave in aw! Hall Pass spared no expense to make this food hall memorable!

Our Verdict

Overall, a great experience! I look forward to coming back with family and friends. Not to mention, Hall Pass’ Hibachi Japanese restaurant and the Speakeasy open soon. I look forward to trying those out!

What I liked most:
The seafood alone will bring me back to Hall Pass! Their quality and price point blew me away. The Tonkatsu ramen was great too!

What I disliked most:
The inconsistency of quality and level of service from outlet to outlet. It’s a new restaurant, so I expect it to improve over time.

Price tag range icon
Price Per Person $7 to $15

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