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Overall 3.5 / 5.0

Creative Japanese inspired mochi donuts

Momi Donuts –

Salt Lake City, UT – $ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O.Pro Sifter & Photographer - Published Jan 21, 2019


Meet Utah’s first mochi donut restaurant! We love the shape. It’s unique, presents well, and it’s easy to pull apart and share with friends. They also offer some unique flavors that are fun to try.









The Food

Most Popular
The Oreo and strawberry donuts.

The mochi or Pon De Ring donut is a fusion of a raised donut and Japanese mochi, made from tapioca, rice, and wheat flour. Mochi donuts aren’t as dense as other mochi products. The dough itself is plain and lighter than a cake donut. It more resembles a raised donut, but chewier. It’s made by connecting a circle of 8 dough balls. Expect it to be springy and bounce back after each bite.

All the sweetness comes from the icing. Momi uses natural flavors, like fruit, when possible. Our favorites were the strawberry, Oreo, and chocolate toffee. Some flavors didn’t deliver. The guava fruitiness came out less than the strawberry. The green tea matcha flavors we’re subtle, with the sugary glaze most prominent.


Due to the elusiveness of this treat in Utah, the value is there. Momi serves specialty donuts, on the pricey side. Singles run $3, half a dozen $16, and a full dozen costs $30.

Dietary Needs

Momi isn’t very friendly when it comes to allergies. Expect gluten, dairy, and cross-contamination of tree nuts in their product. Right now, they’re brainstorming a gluten-free donut. So, watch for that in the future.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.


The staff is friendly but short worded. When you order, they are prompt to box your donuts, but don’t expect them to carry a conversation with you.


Momi is a no-frill donut shop. It feels more like a back-of-house operation than a restaurant. There is little to no decor and nowhere to sit. They also poorly highlight their food. The only mention is a small display case with six donuts and baking racks in the background.

Our Verdict

Momi makes a great treat. Despite this, their store needs some character to complement their extravagant looking donuts.

What I Liked Most
The first-time experience of trying a Momi donut.

What I Disliked Most
Momi makes the donuts fresh daily, but the shop doesn’t open until noon. I find myself and others wanting donuts in the morning. I fear they’re losing a lot of business!

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