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A simple menu featuring Alabama southern fried chicken fingers in every dish

Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers –

Murray, UT – Southern, Fast Food – $ – Casual
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Nicole O. - Pro Sifter & PhotographerAugust 14, 2019

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Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers specializes in southern fried chicken fingers, utilizing a recipe from the Jim Bob’s restaurant in Alabama where the first chicken finger box was created. They use high quality chicken that is kept fresh and bought locally.


A five-finger plate is $9.50. It is enough for one person so it’s about on par with most fast casual restaurants in the area. The drink isn’t included in the combo so you will have to buy that seperately.

Most popular dishes:

Their southern fried chicken fingers and sandwich.

What I ordered:

Fried chicken finger plate, chicken sandwich and grilled chicken salad.

Food quality:

Fried chicken fingers: The plate is served with coleslaw, Texas toast, five fingers, and crinkle-cut fries. They use fresh chicken tenderloins that are cagefree with no antibiotics. They also brine them before they bread them. Because they have a set time of how long they cook each finger, the smaller ones tend to be a bit overdone and stringy. They had a good breading that was fried to a nice crisp. The seasoning wasn’t too salty but wasn’t exceptionally flavorful. Their barbeque sauce is sweet and smoky. We also tried it with thier chicken sauce. It’s a mayo ketchup base with a hefty amount of pepper. I also sensed a hint of worcestershire sauce. Both sauces paired well with the tenders.

Chicken sandwich: This had a really juicy chicken finger on it and was delicious. The ingredients they use are of regular caliber but are a good classic mix of chicken, lettuce and Mr. Charlie’s chicken sauce.

Grilled chicken salad: Once again, the ingredients used weren’t anything special and what you would expect from a neighborhood burger joint. The grilled chicken was very tender, more so than the fried fingers.

Sides: Fries were crisp, crunchy, and just the right amount of salt. They’re my favorite crinkle cut fries in the area so far.  The coleslaw was average with a blend of creaminess, acidity, and crisp cabbage.

*Dietary Needs:

They have a dedicated fryer for the fries and the grilled chicken is made gluten free. They use whole milk in their breading so be sure to get the grilled chicken if you have a dairy allergy. Let them know about your specific allergy so that they can best accomodate you.


Located in a strip mall, it has a popular hometown fast-food restaurant feel. The space has college sports memorabilia on the walls, features a chalk wall with phrases and signatures, and televisions playing ESPN.  Their restaurant was also pretty warm given the west facing windows. There’s a sign on the door that states “shades are on the way” so that should improve shortly.


The people were friendly but the service was typical to your normal fast food joint. They also delivered our order in stages, with the first entree coming out within five minutes. The remaining order was delivered within ten minutes.

What I liked most:

The crunch of the french fries and the juicy grilled chicken.

What I disliked most:

Lack of consistency in the fried chicken fingers. We had more dry pieces than moist.

The verdict:

The chicken is good but the friendliness of the manager and the culture they’ve created would be what would bring us back.

*Eat at your own risk. You are responsible for your own health. Not Siftey. Diet information provided may not be conclusive. If you have an allergy, check first with the restaurant before consuming anything. There may be a risk associated with consuming this food. Failing to do so could result in a medical illness or be fatal.

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