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Novelty soft serve ice cream with creative toppings and flavors

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Salt Lake City, UT – Ice Cream, Dessert – $ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O. - Pro Sifter & PhotographerJuly 1, 2019

Overall 3.4 / 5.0










At the east entrance inside Trolley Square, you’ll find a silver van, serving anything but normal ice cream. Their unique flavors, innovative mix-ins, and dips transport you to the magical world of candy land and will ignite your inner child.


At $7 per composed cone or dessert taco, this is more of a splurge treat for me. It’s fun to try but more expensive than what I’m used to paying for soft-serve.

Most popular dishes

Their choco tacos and then any one of their four rotating monthly composed cones.

What I ordered

Concord Grape Tahini Swirl and Halva Burnt Honey Composed Cone

Food quality

We’re going to break down the dessert by the ice cream itself, the toppings, the cone, and then the whole package.

The Ice Cream

The soft serve was creamy, not watered down, rich, had substance but was nothing marvelous or out of the ordinary. However, I have mixed feelings about the flavors. They only had four options to choose from; concord grape, tahini, rhubarb, and salted vanilla bean. We came on the second to last day of June. Judging by the new July menu, they seem to consistently keep vanilla bean on hand. That’s good but I think they should make chocolate a standard flavor as well. The other flavors were just okay. The rhubarb sorbet was a bit too bitter, the Concord grape had a hint of fresh grape flavor but was overpowered by the tahini, which was too salty and the salted vanilla bean seemed more like plain vanilla.

The Toppings

Normal’s toppings talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. For instance, they called one topping burnt honey ganache and it was little more than sweetened condensed milk with a little honey flavoring. Little things like this brought down credibility for us. I did enjoy the Halva, which is candy typically found in Middle East countries like Israel and Iran.

The Cone

The cone was the biggest let down for me. Normal uses cheap store bought cake cones. If you’re going to make beautiful concoctions, at least give me the option of a waffle cone.

The Composed Cone

It was fun to look at but hard to eat. It tasted good but wasn’t out of this world.


I love the chrome van and how it’s parked inside the historic Trolley Square mall. It’s a nice open space, with outdoor like seating, but sheltered from the hot summer sun.


When we went on Saturday, around 5:30 pm, there were only two other people in line. They were very friendly, allowed us to sample all of the flavors, and quickly served up our order in about 5 minutes, but got my order wrong. They had forgotten the taco I ordered and gave me the wrong cone dip and ice cream. After we got our order about fifteen people showed up so I didn’t go back to ask them to correct it.

What I liked most

The presentation.

What I disliked most

The cost and value.

The verdict

This place is fun to try but may be overhyped. I don’t see myself coming back unless a group of our friends or family insist on going, mainly because of the price.

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