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Pizzeria 712 –

Flavorful farm to table Neapolitan style pizza with a modern flair

Orem, UT – Pizza – $$ – Casual Dining, Takeout, Delivery
Sifter Critique

Nicole O. - Pro SifterNov 7, 2018








All of the dishes are made with local ingredients, from the dough to the toppings and the sides.  Their pizza ingredients are simple but paired well to let them speak out. They take something that everyone loves and gives it just enough of a spin to make it fresh.


Each pizza feeds about two adults if you add an appetizer or salad.  There are just the right amount of toppings on each pizza (they don’t skimp like other pizza joints I have been to).  The value is definitely here if you consider everything below.

3 most popular dishes

Their most popular dishes change with the seasons and depending on what the chefs create.  They make a great margherita and hawaiian (called the jalepeno) pizza. Go with a pizza that contains something you love and you likely will love it.

What I ordered

Margherita, Jalepeno, Corn, Three Little pigs, and the Mushroom pizzas. I also ordered the peach salad which has since left the menu because peaches are out of season.

Food quality

The quality here is amazing for the price.  Everything would be delicious on it’s own but when combined it sings. The dough is crunchy but still chewy, the sauce isn’t acidic, and the toppings are always fresh and paired well.


We ordered takeout this time but when I’ve been there in the past, the restaurant is dimly lit and quiet.  There is some ambient light from the windows and you have a view of the pizza oven from most tables.

What I liked most

I loved the corn pizza.  It was dough drizzled in olive oil, with corn, a creamy cheese, and bacon.  It was so simple using only a few ingredients but they complemented each other perfectly.  The peach salad was light on toppings but had an amazing maple cinnamon dressing that made the arugula a treat in itself.

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