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Authentic old-world Pizza in Salt Lake City

Pizzeria Tasso

Holladay, UT – $$ – Pizza, Italian – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O.Pro Sifter & Photographer - Published July 13, 2020


Looking for authentic old-world Pizza in Salt Lake City? This is it! The founders of Pizzeria Tasso learned their trade while serving as missionaries in Italy. When it comes to the art of Neapolitan pizza making, Tasso follows strict requirements to help respect the craft. This includes using high-quality flour, special tomatoes, and ovens all imported from Italy. So, when you take a bite at Pizzeria Tasso, think about all of that work that went into making your slice!









The Food

Most Popular
Diavola, Margarita, and the rotating specials of the week

The crust
The crust tastes of well-prepared baked bread, with a hint of smokiness from the wood-fired oven. It’s soft, elastic, easy to manipulate, and fold. It holds the toppings well under pressure. With my pies, there was minimal charring from the oven.

The sauce
Tasso’s sauce is made using imported Italian Ciao or San Marzano tomatoes. It’s fresh and light, with noticeable chunks of tomato. You’ll taste an aroma of balanced oregano, garlic, and basil.

The cheese
Tasso uses both fresh mozzarella and high-quality grated cheese on their pizza. It’s evenly distributed on the surface of the tomato and plentiful on the majority of their pizzas.

The toppings
Tasso offers very limited toppings. Their pies keep it simple and put their main focus on the crust and sauces. They also offer weekly specials that boast more toppings that occasionally veer from Italian tradition.

Margherita Pizza
When it comes to a Vera Pizza Napoletana Margherita, this is near perfection! The basil is cooked as a topping, keeping with tradition. It comes out of the oven slightly darkened by the baking process. The mozzarella is evenly spread in small patches across the pizza, with a hearty marinara base.

I’ve eaten many renditions of the Diavola or “deviled” pizza. This one pairs calabrese salami, onions, and marinara. This combination creates savory, smoky, and umami profiles, resulting in big flavor! It’s pretty mellow in terms of spice, so most would enjoy this. In my opinion, it’s Tasso’s best pie on their standard menu. Some pizzerias add kalamata olives and fresh basil to the Diavola too. This introduces acidity and a sweet aroma that would be a nice addition to the pie.

Post Mélon
Italians occasionally eat Prosciutto alongside melon. This pizza combines the two wonderfully. First, Tasso bakes the mozzarella solo. Next, thinly sliced melon and prosciutto are layered on top. Lastly, they drizzle a balsamic reduction around the pie. You’ll get savory notes from the meat and cheese. The balsamic vinegar enhances the sweetness of the melon and adds mild sour notes. Combined you get a pizza bursting with harmonized flavor. This is one of the best pizzas I’ve had in Utah!

Formaggi e Prosciutto
If you like deep flavors and contrasting textures, go for this pizza! This pizza combines Prosciutto Crudo (cooked in the oven), hot honey, and a four-cheese blend (typically mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, and creamy Robiola or Stracchino). This creates a bold sweet and savory pizza with an occasional piquancy from the scattered blue cheese.

‘Cinnamon Roll’ Dessert Pizza
This is a dessert I’ll come back for! The custard-like base is buttery and sweetened with honey. It also combines cinnamon swirls and a light sugary glaze. Complimented by the soft, fresh crust, it has a depth of flavor with notes of a fresh cinnamon roll.

The crust, cheese, and sauce are as great as the other pies. However, they use the low-quality sausage that you find at fast-food pizza chains, discrediting the other quality components.


For true Neapolitan pizza lovers, the value is there! When compared with other Neapolitan restaurants in SLC, Tasso’s pies are typically $3 to $5 cheaper than popular competitors with similar quality. As with Italian culture, toppings are light so this may bring down the value for some.

Dietary Needs

Unfortunately, diners with gluten allergies will have to turn elsewhere. Tasso has a single oven and doesn’t offer gluten-free crust to avoid cross-contamination. For those with dairy allergies, Tasso can make any pizza minus cheese. Many pizzas are also nut-free.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.


Our waiter was very friendly, attentive, and filled our waters regularly. However, when asked questions about the menu, she couldn’t answer many of our questions and didn’t offer to find answers. Also, since there is only one oven, my group’s pizzas came out one-by-one. We waited for 10 to 25 minutes to receive them all.


Tasso’s location is hard to find. They currently operate out of a food truck/trailer behind Meier’s Meats & Catering. Next to Tasso’s trailer, they offer indoor seating with around a dozen tables. The space is pretty plain and can get really warm in the summer. I’d recommend ordering takeout instead of dining in.

Our Verdict

For authentic Italian pizza, this is one of the best offerings in the state.

What we liked best:
The crust, sauce, their adherence to the strict Neapolitan certification guidelines, and consistency of their pies.

What we disliked most:
The lack of vegetable topping options, poor quality sausage, and limited standard menu. If they offered more of their specials on a regular basis, we would be consistent customers. For now, we’ll dine when our favorites are back on the calendar.

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Price Per Person $9 to $12

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