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Best Local Pizza in Salt Lake City

Utah, USA

By Brandon L.UT Pizza Life

By Brandon O.Siftey Reviews

Published August 2021

D o you want to know who makes ‘The Best Pizza in Salt Lake City?’ Us too! First, we asked thousands of our social media followers to share their top spots. Next, we aggregated and ranked the public review scores of 123 pizzerias. Then we proceeded to taste-test dozens of restaurants. We discovered that Utah is plentiful in wood-fired thin crusts (i.e. New York and Napoli Style).  The state proved to be light on thick crust options (i.e square and deep-dish slices). These are our favorite pizza restaurants by category in SLC.

Note: We take this list seriously and consider ourselves pizza connoisseurs. Both of us have traveled the world eating pizza, frequent festivals, competitions, and have pizza ovens in our backyards. If you find a better slice of pizza in SLC, let us know because we want to eat it!

Neapolitan Style

?  Credits: @sifteyreviews

You can find wood-fired pizza just about anywhere you look in Utah. However, using a wood-fired oven alone doesn’t make it Neapolitan. Napoli pies must cook at temperatures above 800 degrees, for only 60-90 seconds. Fresh mozzarella and soft/airy dough are also a must. Italians also enforce other strict standards, like dimensions and the usage of ingredients. These are our favorites in Utah!

Best Restaurants for Neapolitan Pizza:

Osteria Amore
– University 

Pizzeria Tasso
– Holladay

– Downtown

New York Style

?  Credits: @utpizzalife

The perfect New York slice is foldable and maintains its integrity despite any heavy toppings. Picture a thin crust in the middle with a medium thickness on the sides. The dough comes thoroughly cooked, yet still moist and chewy. We expect a great crunch, with a crisp outer edge. Last but not least, the cheese should stretch as one pulls away from a slice when hot! These are our favorite NY-Style slices in Utah:

Best Restaurants for NY Pizza:

— South Salt Lake

Wicked Peel
— Riverton

NY Pizza Patrol
— Draper

Este Pizza
— Downtown & SugarHouse

Detroit/Sicilian Style

?  Credits: @Igor Sokolov

Utah is seriously lacking when it comes to any sort of square pizza. Very common in big cities, SLC is home to only one Detroit and one Sicilian Pizzeria (that we could find). Both styles of pizza offer thicker crust and get cooked in rectangular pans.

Detroit Style Pizza has cheese cooked all the way to the edge of the pan. This creates a crunchy cheese border, and the sauce generally goes on top of the cheese.

Sicilian pizza follows traditional round pizza rules. The sauce goes under the cheese and has a border of dough around the pizza. While it’s difficult to find square slices now, we expect more to pop up across the state within the coming years.

Best Restaurants for Square Pizza:

Brick’s Corner
— Liberty Wells

— South Salt Lake

Flame Fired Pizza

?  Credits: @sifteyreviews

These restaurants break the mold of recognized pizza styles. Some draw inspiration from American dishes. Other’s pair traditional Italian toppings with non-traditional dough. Occasionally, you’ll even get an entirely new custom crust. If you’re looking for something original, these are our favorite wood-fired joints in SLC.

Best Restaurants for Fired Pizzas:

Oak Wood | Wood-Fired
California style toppings and Napoli inspired pizza crust.
— Draper

Nomad East | Gas-Fired
Napoli butter pie crust fusion inspired by Philly’s Pizzeria Beddia.
— Yalecrest

Nono | Wood-Fired
Brooklyn style pizza crust with modern and classic toppings.
— 9th & 9th

Most Popular with Locals

?  Credits: @sifteyreviews

Locals in Utah tend to visit these pizzerias most. We also taste-tested these and found many to be good.

The Local’s Favorite Pizza Restaurants:

Curry Pizza
— Multiple Locations

The Pie Hole
— Downtown

The Pie Pizzeria, Underground
— University

Rusted Sun
— Liberty Wells

* IMPORTANT! Allergy options presented are based on speaking with the restaurant and/or online research. The actual food prepared in any of the listed restaurants may contain the following ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, or other allergens. If you have a food allergy, please notify your server before consuming any food and be aware of cross-contamination. Thank you.

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