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Seven Brother’s Burgers

Provo & Saratoga Springs, UT

Hawaiian Food – $ – Casual Dining

Decadent burgers and craveable coco mac shrimp in an environment transported from North Shore, Oahu.

Nicole O. - Pro SifterUpdated - May 28th, 2019. Original Published Nov 28th, 2018.

Overall 4.6 / 5.0










The Hannemann family opened their restaurant with the goal of sharing the Aloha spirit.  We started going to what has become Seven Brothers back in 2008, while attending college on Oahu. Back then it was called the Kahuku Grill. It was just as popular then as it is now in the Provo and Saratoga Springs locations. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they managed to carry the same island vibes all the way to the Wasatch. The only thing missing is my old surfboard, tropical weather, and friends. Along with the relaxed environment, the food is innovative and tasty.

Back in Hawaii 2008 – Photo Credit: Seven Brothers

Today in Kahuku, HI – Photo Credit: Seven Brothers


The burgers range from $6 to $9 but most are $9.  The shrimp salad I had was $13.  Even though the burgers are pricier than most, the quality shows in every detail.

3 most popular dishes

All of their burgers are popular and pile on decadent toppings like bacon, avocado, onion rings, mushrooms, and high-quality cheese. The coconut macadamia shrimp salad is also popular.

What I ordered

I ordered the coconut macadamia nut shrimp salad, Paniolo burger, Teri – Samoa burger, and Shem burger. They also have a grilled fish salad that looked really good that I plan to go back and try.

Food quality

There’s not a lot of items on the menu but I’m sure you will find something to your liking.  We actually went here because I was craving the coconut crusted macadamia nut shrimp, local to the North Shore of Oahu. The flavor was exactly the same as those in Kahuku and transported me back in time for an hour.


Their burgers and home fries have long been a favorite. They use choice meat, light gourmet buns, and premium toppings. I’m not sure of the exact blend, but their patties use a high amount of fat, creating the makings of an extremely juicy and moist burger. However, some of their burgers used processed American cheese. If your not a fan, just ask for another option like swiss or cheddar. I’m confident that if they had a location in Salt Lake County that they would be slammed. I would have loved to feature it in our top 15 SLC burger list. Until then, we will consider doing a top burger list for Utah County.


If you have been to the north shore and are missing the vibes, come here.  The space features a surf movie on a few TVs and everyone was welcoming and helpful.

What I liked most

The coconut shrimp is amazing! In Kahuku, they have shrimp farms where they get them fresh.  These tasted just as good as the original.  The coconut is perfectly crispy with a hint of macadamia and the shrimp is large and fresh.  The chili sauce you dip them in adds just the right amount of sweetness and chili to make it interesting.  Just writing this out makes me want to get more!

The verdict

As long as they can continue to maintain their quality, we will keep coming back here for years.

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