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Modern American small plates passed around the dining room on carts and trays, dim sum-style with an ever-changing menu

SLC Eatery –

Salt Lake, UT – Modern American – $$ – Upscale
Sifter Critique

Nicole O. - Pro SifterApr 25, 2018

Overall 4.6










We originally came for SLC Eatery’s burger but after a look at their intriguing menu, we decided we had to come back. As you walk down Main Street you walk past a newly-painted gray building with a large window into a kitchen. Inside, you see a bustling kitchen crew preparing miniature plates of edible art that are then placed on sturdy wooden carts and bussed around the restaurant.

SLC Eatery has only been open a few months but they have come in swinging, bringing the concept of American Dim Sum styled plates to Salt Lake. This idea was originally fostered by State Bird Provisions out of San Francisco, which has been awarded a Michelin star and numerous other awards. Maybe a Michelin star is in Utah’s near feature? Whatever the case, we’re glad SLC Eatery’s owner and chef, Paul Chamberlain, decided to open his doors.


They focus not only on the quality of the food but on the presentation and the ambiance of the delivery. You don’t come here for a quick bite to eat but for an experience. Based on this, SLC Eatery holds value. The value you feel after you have eaten a delicious meal and had a great experience. The prices individually are reasonable as well, so you can control how much you spend.

3 most popular dishes

Calamari, 44 Farms beef burger, and fresh coriander noodles.

What I ordered

Various small plates, Calamari, Utah scone, scallops, Market Fish, fresh coriander noodles, sake pear pound cake, tres leches, and 44 Farms burger.

Food quality

It was apparent that they focus on quality. Their seafood is flown in 3x per week and we know similar care is taken for the rest of the ingredients. Nary a wilted leaf in sight.

Their burger also made it into our 2019 top 15 list. Read more about it here.


Because we couldn’t find a babysitter we brought our son. Although he was warmly welcomed and given a high chair, this isn’t a great place for younger kids. It isn’t prone to echoes but the shared dining space is very open. The seating is spread out which feels nice not to have to rub elbows with a stranger. The staff was very kind and professional.

What I liked most

We all loved the calamari, the crunch from the fried rice croutons, and the cilantro aioli. I loved the nuance of the scallops, with each subtle flavor apparent in each bite. The 3 small plates we tried were delightfully prepared and had great flavor. The scones (a Utah OG) were livened up with a mustardy cheddar rillette and everything seasoning.

What I disliked most

The lamb in the coriander noodle dish wasn’t our favorite. It’s one of those meats that’s typically hit or miss for me, and the flavor overshadowed the fresh herbs and other ingredients. The miso pound cake was a bit too bitter for dessert (even for someone who rarely eats sugar). If the pears were riper and possibly made into a compote I think that would help. Also, the tres leches had somewhat of a soapy aftertaste.

The verdict

SLC Eatery is a great place for the experience. The staff is welcoming, the food is good and the experience is delightful. We would definitely return again (sans toddler).

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