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Imaginative toppings and hand-rolled ice cream in a colorful taco shell

Sweet Rolled Tacos –

St. George, UT – Ice Cream, Dessert, Tacos – $ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Nicole O. - Pro Sifter and PhotographerOct 1, 2019

Overall 3.4 / 5.0










Taco Tuesday is getting sweeter in Southern Utah with Saint George’s newest dessert restaurant at the Shoppes at Zion. Sweet Rolled Taco originally opened as Sweet Cup, a boba tea shop in Cali. Due to popular demand, they’ve changed the name and now specialize in ice cream. On their remodeled menu, you’ll find creative dessert tacos, milkshakes, juice concoctions, and teas that will ignite your inner child.


At $6.50 to nearly $8 per taco, it’s not the cheapest treat in town, but much goes into the making. We watched them roll the ice cream and timed the process. Depending on the worker, it would take anywhere from two to five minutes to churn the ice cream, roll it, decorate it, and then present it. It’s a little pricey but we can see why. There’s a lot of work that goes into your Candyland thrill!’

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Most popular dishes:

S’mores Galore, 24k, Monsters Ink, and Strawberry Cheesecake

What I ordered:

What I ordered: S’ mores Galore, 24k, Strawberry Cheesecake, Vegan Honey Avocado, and Birthday Cake dessert tacos.

Food quality:

The ice cream itself is created using the Thai stir-fried method. The cream liquid is placed on a frozen surface and spread thinly so it freezes quickly. The toppings are chopped and mixed into the liquid as it cools. It’s a fun process to watch but it doesn’t result in the creamiest ice cream.

The ice cream
The quality was lacking. The roll was smooth but tasted of low fat and melted quickly. It also had a high overrun and was very airy. I prefer premium, high churned, dense gelato or ice cream with a low overrun or aeration. For me, the creamier the better.

The taco shells
I expected the colorful shells to taste similar to a waffle cone based on its texture. Instead, the shell resembled that of a fortune cookie. It was very dry, hard, and lacking in taste. More for presentation and not eating.

The toppings
To flavor their ice cream, Sweet Rolled Tacos uses sugary syrups and pre-made toppings. For instance, on the Monster’s Inc or Cookie Monster taco they use dry box chocolate cookie instead of something fresh. I expect something better at their price point.

Now let’s get into the details of each taco:

Strawberry Cheesecake
The strawberry ice cream had small cheesecake bites, strawberry syrup, strawberry yogurt coated biscuits called pocky sticks, whipped cream, and strawberry drizzle. The graham cracker crust on the cheesecake was damp and the cream cheese was warm, creating poor bite integrity. The whipped cream itself tasted more like cool-whip than real whipped cream. The drizzle tasted unnatural. More sugar than real fruit.

S’mores Galore
This was the best taco we tried. The vanilla ice cream has chocolate syrup rolled into it and is topped with whipped cream, graham crackers, a torch roasted marshmallow, and more chocolate drizzle. The marshmallow was browned nicely on the outside and gooey on the inside. The use of hot and cold ingredients livened the senses. Together it created a nice combination of flavors and textures. However, I would have preferred higher quality chocolate and real whipped cream.

This ice cream features coconut flavored vanilla ice cream, mixed with charcoal and shredded coconut. It’s topped with whipped cream, edible gold, and some more coconut. The presentation was strong, but the overall flavors were boring. It lacked richness and didn’t bring through enough coconut flavor, despite the quantity.

Birthday Cake
This was our least favorite of all. We expected it to taste like cake batter. Instead, we received bland vanilla ice cream that lacked sweetener. It was also topped with graham cracker dust and sprinkles. Overall a really poor execution of a “birthday cake.”

Honey Avocado (Vegan Version)
Our son doesn’t tolerate cream so this was his only option. Even though he loved it and was so excited I felt like a mean mom feeding him something so tasteless and disgusting. The base is made with coconut milk. Coconut milk, avocado, and honey are not flavorful on their own and together tasted horrible. The coconut needs ingredients that compliment instead of competing, like lime or mint chocolate.

Dietary Needs:

Our son loved that he could finally eat ice cream with the rest of us, despite his dairy allergy. Sweet Rolled Taco has numerous options for those on a plant-based diet. Nearly any menu item can be adapted using a coconut milk base. However, if you are a connoisseur of vegan ice cream come in with low expectations. They don’t balance their flavors well with the coconut milk.

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The building was very modern and clean, decorated with every sweet topping imaginable. Both children and adults lined the glass walls along with the open kitchen, anxiously waiting and watching their desserts come to life. We came on a Saturday night. Because it takes an average of two minutes to create one taco, the space was extremely loud and crowded. If you came on a weeknight it would be much more enjoyable.


Both the cashiers and the servers were very friendly. When ordering, they warned me about a 20 minute wait time and asked if I was okay with that. They also offered ice water while we waited. I appreciate this kind of service despite how busy they were. However, I didn’t like how our order came out in stages. Sometimes five minutes apart from one another. This prevented all of us from enjoying our dessert at the same time. If you do decide to try Sweet Rolled Tacos, come on a weekday to avoid the lines!

What I liked most:

The presentation of the tacos. Extremely photogenic and fun!

What I disliked most:

The food. Really, it’s fun to look at but not worth eating.

The verdict:

The verdict: Great colors and fantastic presentation! Nothing to report in terms of great flavors. They need to focus beyond the aesthetics! I don’t plan on returning. I’ve had much better rolled-ice cream elsewhere! However, it’s coming to the Gateway Shopping Center in Salt Lake City soon if you want to try it yourself.

Price tag range icon
$6 to $8

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