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Rustic celebrity owned ski resort fine dining

The Tree Room-

Sundance, UT – American, Contemporary – $$$ – Elegant or Resort Casual
Sifter Critique

Nicole O.Pro Sifter & Photographer - Published Jan 9, 2019

Overall 4.8 / 5.0










This upscale restaurant in Robert Redford’s Sundance Resort is focused on rustic dishes set in a mountain environment. It’s easily accessible yet the views of the pine and aspen trees make you feel like you hiked in. You’ll find meats such as salmon, steak, and elk along with earthy ingredients like sun choke, maple, and butternut squash.


The Tree Room has some amazing dishes and the value is there. If you order all three courses, a meal will likely run between $70 to $95 per person without drinks. Some dishes weren’t as valuable as others but if you pick the right ones, you’ll feel your money was well spent, especially considering the size of the dishes.

Most popular dishes

The menu changes seasonally. The pepper steak is always on the menu and remains the most popular.

Food quality

They bring out amuse-bouche at the beginning and end of the meal. For us, a fried crab ball in the beginning and chocolate macaroon after our main course. They also brought out sour dough and assorted breads. All the ingredients were fresh and high quality.

The scallops weren’t as clean tasting as I expected and had a tanginess to them. The mix of mushroom, trout roe, and fish broth made the scallop flavor blend well. The dish was rather large for a starter but I wasn’t complaining.

Farm egg
Mix of fermented, sweet, and savory flavors. It had a light custard on the top that tasted of maple. Sherry creme and thick pieces of ham at the bottom. Crunchy little bits of bacon mixed in add subtle bites of saltiness. Enjoy each flavor separate or mix it together. So many flavors in such a little egg.

The egg comes with a donut. It looks like your standard eclair topped with chocolate icing. Instead you’ll find chicken pate’ which is quite salty. The donut is filled with fresh berry jam (mine was raspberry) that changes seasonally. If you get a bite without jam it’s too salty. Bites with the sweet jam provide balance.

Seasonal Soup
Butternut squash. This soup was amazing! It was creamy and savory with subtle hints of spices. It felt more decadent than any squash soup I’ve tried.

Sundance Salad
Goat cheese was spread to one side of the bowl and was mixed with thyme and chives, removing most earthy flavors typically associated with goat cheese. It also came with candied pecans, raisins, a mixture of romaine and leaf lettuce, and a Sherry balsamic vinaigrette. The Sherry wine in the vinaigrette adds a mild acidic flavor with a slight hint of nuttiness. Combined with the balsamic vinegar you get a sweet-tartness. The otherwise earthiness of the goat cheese and sweet flavors from the raisins give the dish harmony. I also love the contrasting crunch from the candied pecans.

Frisee Salad
The mix of preserved berries, pine nut crunch and mascarpone dressing made this salad taste like bread with butter and jam. Who doesn’t enjoy that? It was delicious and, once again, big but very memorable.

Pepper Steak
The filet mignon was perfectly marbled and crusted finely with pepper. It was incredibly tender and cooked perfectly medium-well. A light mango jelly glaze (chutney) reduced the spiciness of pepper and added a sweet wow factor! Wilted spinach adds a hint of bitterness. The buttermilk mashed potatoes were extraordinarily creamy. My favorite part was eating the layers combined. Simply amazing! This dish can compete with food from the world’s best restaurants!

For me, the fish and the accompanying side didn’t pair well. The fish was pan seared in butter and sprinkled with chives for color, but otherwise bland. The fish itself tasted fresh when eating it, but left a fishy aftertaste I’m unaccustomed to. The mushroom creme fraiche and truffle powder was essentially an aioli. It added umami, onion, and garlic flavors to the cow pea dish, essentially an
elevated pork and beans.

The lamb was very tender and fresh but the highlight of this dish was the sun choke. Paired with the olive coulis, it was very unique and elevated the lamb. The green bread was dry and didn’t lend anything to the dish. The parmesan foam was a visual touch but didn’t give the umami flavor I had hoped.

I should have ordered the elk rare but instead ordered medium rare. It was a bit tough but was delicious. The demi glace was bitter and the squash was too crunchy for my liking. The pickled shallots were a nice touch to the squash but this wasn’t one of my favorite dishes.

*Dietary Needs

We left an extra big tip because we had a myriad of dietary restrictions that they gladly worked around. They mentioned everything that had the ingredients and suggested dishes. Be sure to mention at the beginning so they can adjust as needed for you.


Rustic and nestled among the trees, this quiet restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy an intimate meal with your favorite fancy ski bum. Situated at the base of the mountain, you’ll feel close enough to the action but far enough away from the noisy crowds.


The night started with the hostess helping us remove and valet our jackets. Our waiter was very punctual, well versed about each dish, but didn’t talk down on us as some fine dining restaurants do. Very welcoming. They greeted and conversed with us by frequently using our last name and addressed us as Mr. and Mrs. They reset silverware and plating with the change of each course. They also boxed our leftovers as we moved between our three courses.

What I liked most

The steak and the service. The steak is well known for good reason. It’s an amazing cut, cooked perfectly and complimented nicely by the added ingredients. The servers were great to suggest dishes and pop in to see everything was going well. We went on a less busy night but I’m sure they would take the same care under any circumstances.

What I disliked most

We couldn’t find anything that we disliked about this restaurant.

The verdict

It’s definitely a place to save for fancier occasions, but the food was interesting and delicious so I hope we go back.

*Food prepared in this establishment may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, eggs, soy, and nuts. Please ask the establishment prior to consuming any food.

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