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Top 15 Burgers in Salt Lake City

Last Updated: August, 2020
Authors / Contributors:
Siftey Reviews; Fig Eats; That Salty Foodie; Burger Lover UT

B urgers anyone?  This year it’s all about the people’s choice! Thousands of our Instagram (IG) followers (diners) voted in an online burger bracket to choose their favorite burgers. We started with a survey of the top 61 reviewed burger joints in Salt Lake County. Next, we narrowed the list down to the top 16 survey results. Restaurants then competed against one another within our IG stories.

When we came to the final four contenders, a panel of four judges (@fig.eats , @thatsaltyfoodie, @burgerloverut, and @sifteyreviews) bought and ate each of the four burgers at the same time, side-by-side, six feet apart. We rated the buns, toppings, meat quality, and final impressions separately to remove biases, then locked in our scores. We combined the scores to create an average judge score. Next, we summed up the average diner score and the judges’ score to create one overall score out of 200 points to determine which two burgers advanced to the finals. Diners had the last vote to pick the winner.

Check out which burgers locals like most ????. Voted and ranked by thousands of local Salt Lake City diners.

15. Special Courses

Easy Company Burger – $7.95 – Sandy, UT

14. Proper Burger

Johnny Utah Burger – $8.49  – Main St. – Salt Lake City, UT

13. Publik Ed’s

Publik Burger – $8 to $9  – University – Salt Lake City, UT

Oak Burger – $12 (w/fries or salad) – Draper, UT

11. Bambara

Brunch Burger – $16 to $18 (w/fries) – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT

10. HSL

HSL Burger – $17 (w/fries) – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT

Eatery Burger – $13 (w/fries) – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT

8. Rich’s Burgers

$9.5  – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT

7. Whiskey Street

Whiskey Burger (w/fries) – $12  – Main St. – Salt Lake City, UT

Wagyu Bacon Cheeseburger (w/fries or salad) – $14  – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT

5. Chedda Burger

Green Mile or Schwinn – $6.99  – The Gateway – Salt Lake City, UT

copper onion CO burger

4. Copper Onion

CO Burger (w/fries or salad) – $14 to $15 – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT 

The Copper Onion has a lot of moving parts when it comes to the quality of their food. Their chef is experienced in various culinary cultures and they utilize quality local ingredients (meaning their menus change with the varying seasons Utah offers.) Their dishes can play ball with the best of them but their burger is a bit blasé. The toppings include lettuce, caramelized onions, duck fat aioli, and household pickles. The pickles are original and give off a sharp tang, saltiness, and strong garlic profile. They mix well when eaten with the burger. The patty, cheese, and bun are good but there’s not a lot of flavors to complement the beef. You may want to ask for condiments. For this reason, we felt their burger didn’t sing like some of their other dishes. I’ve also experienced inconsistency with the execution of this burger. Occasionally the patty or the bun have come out overcooked.

? Photo Credit: Vasiliy Budarin

3. Garage on Beck

Cowboy Burger (w/fries or salad) – $13 to $14 – North – Salt Lake City, UT 

The Garage on Beck is known for its unique location, welcoming vibe, ample patio space, and its bar burgers! They’re hearty in size and offer creative toppings. Garage on Beck serves its burgers on local kaiser rolls, buttered and toasted, and has its lean, chuck-and-brisket mix custom-ground by Stone Meats in Ogden. We tried the Cowboy Burger, the Garage’s BBQ offering, and the Stinger, its popular salty-sweet burger. The Cowboy’s barbecue sauce was underwhelming and the lettuce a bit wilted, but the bacon from both burgers stands out with great flavor and texture–not too crunchy, just crisp enough to offset juicy burger bites. Unfortunately, the bites were less juicy than a burger lover hopes for. The beef was seasoned well but over-cooked and dry. The onion ring on the Cowboy didn’t add much, either, but the candied jalapenos and hot honey on the Stinger tasted great and contrasted well with the burgers’ other components.

From Scratch -Scratch Burger

Scratch Burger

2. From Scratch

Scratch or Pastrami Burger – $14 to $16 – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT 

From Scratch’s core concept is apparent in its name and in its burgers: almost everything is made in-house and “From Scratch.” Luckily for us, the house knows how to make a good burger! While none of the elements stands out as a unique show-stopper, these juicy basic burgers are executed thoughtfully. We loved the classic sesame seed brioche bun: buttered, toasted, and well-matched in size with the patty. The meat offered great texture, which was thick, smoky, nicely marbled, and cooked to warm medium pink perfection. The Scratch Burger comes topped with delicately fried shoestring onions and house-made ketchup. It’s so thick and rich, almost jammy. The house-smoked pastrami on the Pastrami Burger is incredible! We just wanted more of it! Both burgers are complemented by a hefty melted layer of local aged white cheddar. Both also come with shredded lettuce and mayonnaise. It might benefit from slightly less sauce and a pickled or spicy addition for nuance, but our judges agree that From Scratch deserves a spot on SLC’s best burger roster!

Lucky 13 - Ring of Fire Burger

? Credit: Lucky 13 – Ring of Fire Burger

1. Lucky 13 (Voted Best Burger Restaurant!)

CO Burger – $14 to $15 – Downtown – Salt Lake City, UT 

Lucky 13 Bar and Grill boasts a big menu of big burgers, with unique topping combinations and names.

We tried two of its menu stars for the test: the Celestial and the Breath Enhancer. Both burgers start with Lucky’s signatures: a fresh-baked local bun, buttered and grilled, 7 ounces of fresh ground chuck, cooked to medium, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The Celestial has house-smoked bacon, house barbecue sauce, cheddar, and caramelized onions. The Breath Enhancer has cheddar and a thick layer of fresh garlic and rosemary spread. We appreciated the salt level and juiciness on these high-fat patties but found the steak seasoning in the mix to overpower the natural meat juices. The contrasts of flavors and textures from the veggie toppings, bacon, and all that fresh garlic worked well for us, but we’d have liked more sauciness and smoke flavor on the Celestial, and fresher, crisper greens. The buns don’t have stand-out flavor or texture on their own but hold up well to these giant burgers. Most of the toppings are generous, and the meat temperatures on our test burgers were just right. Between multiple visits we have experienced inconsistency in the quality of food, however, when it’s good, you’ll get a solid, juicy bar burger with a little local flair!

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