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Utah’s Best Chicken Sandwich from Provo to Salt Lake City!

Brandon O. - Pro SifterMarch 4, 2019

C hicken sandwiches are the latest hype in the valley, with new joints popping up monthly. Over two months, we revisited classics and tried out new restaurants from Provo to Salt Lake.

Using a 5 point scale, we ranked the quality of the bun, breading, juiciness, toppings, and overall flavor independently for each chicken joint from 0 to 5, with 5 being the best! In the end, we created an average total score for each sandwich to keep things unbiased. Love a sandwich that wasn’t on this list? Leave us a comment- We love hearing your suggestions!

15. HallPass – Blaze of Thunder

Blaze of Thunder Sandwich – $11 – Downtown Salt Lake City

Following the trend, HallPass’ Blaze of Thunder brings another hot-fried sandwich. They make the patty with all white breast meat instead of thigh meat. It’s around half-an-inch thick. Near the center was juicy, but the outer edges were dry. I found the breading to be light but overcooked on the ends. The sandwich comes standard with “mild” Nashville dry rub that resembles medium heat. It has a strong chili flavor with a subtle hint of sweetness. You can request it plain or if you dare, go up to scorpion pepper hot. That’s 1.4 million on the Scoville scale! I found the coleslaw to be sweet, crisp, and creamy. The house pickles were tangy and sweet. They added a nice crunch and prevented the bottom of the brioche bun from getting soggy.

Fried Katsu Sandwich – $11.99 – South Jordan, UT

Meet the Korean version of the chicken sandwich. Angry Korean fuses chicken katsu, spicy mayo, and katsu sauce with traditional American toppings. At only half an inch thick, the panko-crusted fillet is still incredibly moist and perfectly seasoned. The hoagie bun is warmed, not toasted, but didn’t get soggy. Combined you’ll taste sweet, sour, savory, tangy, and a kick of Korean spice all in one bite. This is an awesome sandwich! I expected to only eat half, but I honestly couldn’t stop.

13. Kevin’s Fried Chicken

Chicken Sandwich – $4.50 – South Salt Lake City, UT

Hidden inside a Speedway gas station, this was the best overall value chicken sandwich. Kevin’s places the best all-white chicken tenders I’ve had in the state between a firm, flaky, sub-sandwich-like bun. The chicken is insanely moist and lightly breaded with classic poultry seasoning. When it comes to toppings, expect no frills. They use cheap iceberg lettuce, mayo, and store ranch, but it all meshes together well.

Kevin's fried chicken sandwich

12. Dirty Bird Chxx

Dirty Bird – $9 – Provo, UT

The best part about this sandwich is the chili pimento cheese on top. It gives off a great savory and acidic profile. The chicken patty itself is mainly white thigh meat. It’s around an inch thick. Mine was insanely juicy! The breading is thin with a great crunch! It’s tossed with a Nashville hot fried Chicken rub, cooked in chili oil, and gives off a medium spice. It was browned but not overcooked. Duke’s mayonnaise provides added fat and balance. The spicy ketchup gave the sandwich an unexpected kick! Homemade pickles add contrasting texture and a nice crunch. The ciabatta bun is soft, flaky, moist, and airy. Mine was lightly buttered and toasted. It soaks up the flavors of the chicken well. However, I found the flaky ciabatta bun to quickly get soggy and lose integrity. Other than that, this fried chicken sandwich is unique, well-rounded, and super tasty!

P.S. (Dirty Bird recently changed their bun, so it may be better now. This restaurant opened in January 2020, so they are still working on quality control and perfecting their experience).

dirty bird chicken sandwich provo

11. Waffle Love

Chicken Sandwich – $7.99 – American Fork, UT

A waffle house is the last place I would think to look for a chicken sandwich. That is unless you knew LoveBirds Chicken and Waffle Love are by the same owner. Waffle Love keeps things classy by imprinting a waffle pattern on their housemade brioche bun. Next, they add a thick, juicy piece of chicken. The breading is thin, crispy, perfectly browned and has a classic taste. It’s layered with a Cholula hollandaise sauce and placed atop a glaze of hot honey. Joined with pickles and lettuce, I found the whole combination to be a mix of savory and sour in each bite, with the honey putting it over the top! Aside from too much lettuce, this was a great sandwich!

10. Super Chix

Nashville Hot and Simple Chicken Sandwiches – $5.99 to $6.49 – American Fork, UT

Super Chix is a fun concept with endless mix and match options. They offer seven different sauces and dozens of toppings! Their Nashville and Simple fried sandwiches are real winners! The Nashville seasoning was sticky, like a true Tennessee sandwich. More savory than sweet with a strong chili profile. Medium heat. The Simple is your classic sandwich, putting the focus on the chicken versus the toppings. The all-white chicken breast meat was fairly tender, despite it being thin in spots. Line cooks hand bread the chicken lightly, with a slight hint of blackened seasoning. Crispy and not too greasy.  Between our four sandwiches, one had overcooked ends, but the rest were perfectly browned! Their homemade pickles are thick and crunchy. Their buns are light, thin, and fold over the meat to keep everything in place. Some of their sandwiches are heavy on the sauce, so expect the bun to get soggy for those unless you eat it quickly. Despite that, it never fell apart. All in all, a quality gourmet chicken sandwich and a win for Utah County!

Nashville – $13 – Draper, UT

If you like your sandwiches big and messy, Oak Wood’s Nashville is for you! A thick chicken thigh acts as a succulent patty, fried in chili oil and caked with Nashville spices. It’s breading is mainly savory with a subtle hint of sweetness. The homemade pickles, mustard, and mayo introduce contrasting acidic, sweet, and creamy profiles. I loved the overall textures and flavors. My only qualm, I found the flaky ciabatta bun to quickly get soggy due to the excess condiments. Despite this, the flavors are bold and Oak Wood’s sandwich belongs on this list!

San Antone – $12 – (South) Salt Lake City, UT or Draper, UT

This isn’t your typical chicken sandwich. A split biscuit acts as a bun. It’s buttery, soft, and flaky. The chicken is around half-an-inch thick but still moist, with a great crunch. Sweet Lake’s house-made habanero hot sauce packs heat (I got mine to the side). The hot drizzled honey adds a splash of sweetness. Local melted cheddar offers additional saltiness. I found the dressing from the purple slaw to tone down the acidity from the hot sauce. Overall, I loved the contrasting flavors and textures. My only problem, it’s difficult to pick up and eat.

Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich – $8 Salt Lake City, UT (Downtown)

If you’re a fan of Asian Fusion, go to Ginger Street and try their Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich! This entire dish tasted reminiscent of a Thai stir-fry. You’ll find fried, mainly white, thigh meat as the patty. It’s perfectly cooked with a nice crunch and tossed in an Asian chili sauce. Papaya salad acts as the slaw. Jalapenos add spice. Korean mayo infuses flavor. The Stoneground bun didn’t get soggy and was moist, despite it being grilled.

ginger street Spicy Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Tiki, Piri Piri, and Classic – $8.95 to $9.95 – Salt Lake City, UT (9th & 9th)

If you like crispy, gourmet battered birds on a bun, meet Birdhouse! This casual dining option, on 9th and 9th, comes from the owners of Pago and East Liberty Tap House. They have a variety of different chicken options, both fried and grilled. Our favorites were the Tiki, Piri Piri, and classic sandwiches. Check out the review here for the full details.

5. Lake Effect

Smoking Bird – $15 – Salt Lake City (Downtown)

This “Smokin Bird” masterpiece is the only grilled sandwich to make the cut. First, Lake Effect smokes their chicken breasts, giving it a prominent hickory profile. Next, they smother it with chipotle barbecue aioli which adds a blast of flavor. They top it with fresh avocado, romaine lettuce, and then add a chewy bun. Packaged together you get an insanely juicy and savory sandwich!

lake effect smokin bird

Spicy Chicken – $11 – Salt Lake City, UT (Near Airport)

If you’re a fan of tossed, dripping buffalo chicken then you’ll love Nomad’s sandwich! The most prominent flavors are the tangy cayenne sauce (think Frank’s RedHot sauce) and homemade garlic zucchini pickles in each bite. The chicken batter is medium thickness and extra crunchy. Nomad’s patty uses mainly white thigh meat and it’s extremely moist. It’s served on a toasted ciabatta bun that’s soft and airy. I would have preferred the shrettuce on the bottom to act as a barrier for the moisture. But it held its integrity well, despite getting a little soggy. It comes with homemade vinegar chips. More savory than vinegary. Very crisp with a good crunch. Thin and light. I couldn’t stop eating them!

3. Lovebirds Hot Chicken

Chicken Sandwich – $8.95 – Provo, UT (Riverwoods)

Thigh meat is very juicy and a bit greasy. 3/4 inch thick. It’s smaller than Pretty Bird, but you can always go for the double bird as I did. The breading is thin and crispy with the optimal crunch. The dry rub is evenly spread but is on the powdery side. I expect good Nashville hot fried chicken to be more sticky. It does, however, have a great flavor profile. It’s more savory than sweet with a pronounced chili flavor. Lovebirds make their pickles in-house. Expect a strong vinegar tang followed by a nice crunch. The dijonnaise is mild and sweet. The coleslaw doesn’t overpower and compliments the meat well. The bun is superb! Soft, moist, buttered, toasted, and maintains its integrity. My only concern comes down to consistency. I’ve had several foodies warn me that sometimes the chicken will come out salty or dry. I must have gone on a good day because mine was amazing!

Concerning the heat levels, mild spice really should be called medium spice for most people. If you get hot, don’t expect to taste your food. It’ll light your mouth on fire!. You can also opt for classic fried chicken without any spice, which I liked!

Chicken Sandwich – $12.50 – Salt Lake City, UT (9th & 9th)

The breading, juiciness, and flavor of the chicken creates the perfect classic chicken sandwich. My bun was near perfection. It was moist, tasted great, and never broke down like some others. Aside from the chicken, my favorite part was the wine sauce coleslaw and tangy, crunchy house-made pickles. The flavors infused together created a great mix of contrasting textures and flavors. They also have a Nashville hot fried sandwich, but I found the flavor to be muted. Come with the classic in mind and you won’t be disappointed!

Fried Chicken Sandwich – $10.50 – Salt Lake City, UT (Downtown)

After trying dozens of sandwiches across the Wasatch, one sandwich still reigns supreme! From the chili, lemon zest aioli, to the pickles, to the thick oversized thigh patty, this is a sandwich to be reckoned with. Click here to read the full review.

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