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Vessel serves up home cooking leaving you feeling great!

Vessel Kitchen –

Midvale, UT – Healthy Food, American – $$ – Fast Casual
Sifter Critique

Nicole O. - Pro Sifter & PhotographerJuly 5, 2019

Overall 4.2 / 5.0










The decor has a modern, rustic farmhouse feel and is clean and comfortable. The food is essentially elevated meals you would make at home, except they’re served up quickly and with all the best ingredients. They offer a dining experience that puts the focus on the food. There are also many gluten-free options available too!


Because of the high quality, the time involved if made at home, and the delicious flavors, it’s definitely worth the money.

Most popular dishes

Steelhead trout, roasted chicken, braised beef, Hash Hash, Fresno pork tacos.

What I ordered

Steelhead trout, roasted chicken, Hash Hash, Fresno pork taco, chicken and grains. Also, chicken broth, mashed potatoes, beets, mushrooms, udon noodles, spaghetti squash, and green beans.

Food quality

Great quality. Even though the food is kept on warming plates, it tasted fresh. Their menu also changes seasonally.

Steelhead trout:
This was as fresh as any fish I’ve had and was perfectly prepared and moist.

Roasted chicken:
Along with the trout, the chicken was juicy and so fresh.

Hash hash:
It tasted Hungarian, with a paprika-spiced meat and goat cheese. The meat wasn’t very moist but the Japanese sweet potato was cooked well. Horseradish crema and marinated onions made the dish way better but there wasn’t enough in my opinion.

Fresno pork taco:
These had a deep chile and paprika flavor although not overly spicy. The pork was shredded and moist and fairly salty. The citrus sauce paired with mango salsa and Napa slaw (cucumbers, carrots, cabbage) brightened up the pork and gave it some sweetness.

Chicken and grains:
Adobo chicken with a lemongrass Chile cream. The chicken was a bit dry. Nice spiciness. Lots of Hispanic flavors. It would be good inside of a housemade tortilla. We would rather go elsewhere for Mexican food.

The falafel wasn’t dry or cakey. It had a nice crust and a tender center with great flavor.

The broth was so flavorful and delicious. It comes in a mug and is good enough to just sip. The potatoes were fluffy, and the other sides had familiar ingredient combinations that were unique to my palate. The udon noodle dish had a mild sesame flavor and a bit of crunch from the peas. The spaghetti squash had an almond salbitxada sauce that played on the sweetness of the squash.


The space was nice and bright with ample seating. There is minimal decor with a rustic modern feel.


At Vessel, you order your food in an assembly line. At the start of the line, you give them your order and then you walk past all of the different sides.  The layout doesn’t allow you to view the options before ordering which is a big let down when you first try it out.  The staff themselves were efficient but not very warm or talkative. I wouldn’t expect that, but it’s always a nice touch. It’s fast casual and you are supposed to bus your own dishes but the garbage was hidden in a corner behind a booth so some customers failed to catch the memo and the staff was slow to clean up and wipe down tables.

What I liked most

The presentation of the food, the quality and juiciness of the chicken, the freshness of the trout, the variety, and the sides.

What I disliked most

Having to order your entire meal before you see the options in the food line. I would prefer to pick things out as I walk down the aisle.

The verdict

I think if you order something that sounds good to you-you’ll have an enjoyable experience. We usually order what’s most popular and some things didn’t fit our preference. Overall the food and concepts are great. I believe we’ll be back to try dishes with ingredients that we love. I’m also crossing my fingers that they’ll open up another location closer to us.

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