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Inventive coal-wood fired Neapolitan styled pies, flat bread, and salads

Vuduu Pizza –

St. George, UT – Pizza – $$ – Casual
Sifter Critique

Brandon O. - Pro Sifter and PhotographerOct 17, 2019

Overall 4.6 / 5.0










Stop what you’re doing and go check out Saint George’s newest pizza joint! This might be the best pizza in Southern Utah. Dallyn and Brooke Bleazard, from Indianapolis, picked up and moved to Southern Utah looking for a lifestyle change, bringing amazing pies with them. Dallyn’s been cooking up pizzas since childhood, working at his family’s pizzeria. In fact, he loves pizza so much that he built a wood-fired pizza oven in his back yard. After getting compliments from friends and family for over 8 years, they decided to open up Vuduu. Their pies feature a combination of gourmet toppings with a Neapolitan style crust, cooked in a coal and wood-fired burning oven. They even have a cauliflower crust for those seeking gluten-free options. They also serve flatbreads with gourmet dips, breadsticks, salads, and locally crafted rootbeer.


Pizzas run around $9 for a 10-inch pie packed with premium toppings, which will give you around eight slices. Considering the quality of the crust and toppings, the value was there for us. We’ve paid $24 for comparable pizza in San Francisco and New York City.

Most popular dishes:

Margarita pizza, buffalo blast, and black magic.

What I ordered:

Buffalo blast, pepperoni, black magic, and pear pie.

Food quality:

Pie Base:
The crust is thin, light, elastic, and chewy in the center. The dough is slightly puffed up on the sides and had a nice crunch on the outer edges and bottom of the crust. Closer to a New York Pizza crust than Neapolitan. Light char from coal/wood-fired oven provided some smokiness. We ordered six nine-inch pizzas and they shared the same consistency. The marinara sauce was savory, sweet, thick, and perfectly seasoned. It was lightly spread across the pizza. Not too heavy. Not too greasy. The mozzarella cheese was of high quality, very elastic and maintained its form. Now for the other toppings:

Buffalo Blast:
The sauced consisted of an acidic vinegar and chili base. It was mildly sweet and tangy with a sour punch. It also expressed a rich butter flavor and spicy aftertaste, similar to what you would expect on wings but thicker. The meat consisted of dry, cube-sized bits of chicken breast. I would prefer larger slices as it would preserve the moisture better. However, the toppings were very plentiful.

Pear Pie:
The pears were unripe and firm, lacking sweetness. The prosciutto was perfectly cooked. Nice, crisp, and perfectly cooked. This Bianca pizza had crust sprinkled with garlic, olive oil, and herbs. Since the pear wasn’t sweet, it was on the edge of too Salty because of the Prosciutto. The bitterness of the arugula helped to balance the flavor. Overall a good pizza. It would be a home-run with ripe pears!

Black Magic:
The black magic had pepperoni, jalapenos, ham, basil, mushroom, and cheese. The ham was overpowered given its size. I would have liked more mushrooms (because mushrooms are my favorite) overall, it was really great and even though the ham was near imperceptible, it tasted great, had a nice amount of spice, and was filling. Their cauliflower crust is premade but had a nice chewiness and even some char. A little gummy. Not the best gluten-free crust but it’s nice to have the option.

They cannot guarantee gluten-free because they only have 1 oven used for all pizzas. They do have cauliflower crust for those who are gluten intolerant.

Fat Pig:
The pepperoni was thick, small, high quality, and evenly distributed across the entire pizza. The sausage was hand pulled and freshly cooked. It was well seasoned and tasted of sage, garlic, and thyme with a hint of red pepper. Fresh basil provided a good contrast of textures and flavor. The toppings paired with Vuduu’s crust and sauce it will make any meat-lover happy. This was a real winner for me!

Dietary Needs:

Vuduu only has one oven so they cannot ensure gluten-free, just gluten friendly. If you have celiac disease, don’t risk going for the cauliflower crust for this reason. In addition to gluten-friendly, they have some vegetarian and vegan options too.


The restaurant has a cafe setting, with dining tables along the edges of the restaurant next to the windows and dim lighting. An open kitchen occupies a third of the space with a large pizza oven in the corner. Chopped wood is organized neatly, providing fuel for the oven. Cute motivational speeches and decorative quotes also line the wall. The theme really didn’t fit the name of the restaurant.


Brooke, one of the owners, was very welcoming and friendly. She was very down to earth and frequently checked on us to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and asked questions to try and get to know us better. She did this for everyone else and she seemed very genuine. The only thing that I didn’t like about the service was the wait. Because they only have one oven, don’t come here when you’re in a rush. Give yourself time. It can take 20 minutes or more to receive your order.

What I liked most:

The friendliness of the owners and their genuine dedication to making delicious pizza.

What I disliked most:

Long waiting times.

The verdict:

If you like good pizza, it’s worth going out of your way to try this place. Their pies are superior to all of the other pizzerias I’ve tried in St. George, with maybe the exception of Dixie Pizza Wagon in nearby Hurricane, UT. Before this, I had to journey to Vegas or back to Salt Lake City to find a good slice. We will definitely be coming back!

Price tag range icon
$10 to $16

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